P-DERM Hydrogel
P-DERM® Hydrogels: PS-143x for blister prevention and penetrating chest wounds
August 5, 2020
Patient care is evolving.. So are we.
September 1, 2020

Additive Loading: P-DERM® Capabilities and Constructions

Transdermal drug delivery patches provide patients with a pain free, convenient delivery method of an active pharmaceutical or cosmeceutical ingredient. Selecting the correct components and constructions for these systems are critical. Polymer Science will work with you from start to finish, developing the highest quality product available. All of our additives are compounded on-site.

Types of Additives Available: Antimicrobials, Cosmeceuticals, Pharmaceutical Actives

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Our P-DERM® Hydrogels are acrylate based, non-conductive materials used for fixation to the body. Polymer Science is capable of loading cosmeceutical, pharmaceutical or antimicrobials into the hydrogel and are compatible with multiple sterilization methods.

Our flexible manufacturing process allows us to optimize the width and thickness of our hydrogel adhesives while also promoting batch prototyping and lower minimum order quantities.

Our hydrogel adhesives are manufactured in the USA.