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November 17, 2022
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November 17, 2022

General Industrial Films from Polymer Science, Inc.

Polymer Science offers many products for general industrial uses including films. Although most customers know Polymer Science for our quality adhesives, tapes and coating solutions for specialized applications, many companies need general purpose films. Our product catalog is far broader, including many general industrial films, adhesives, foams and tapes. Polymer Science provides responsive and client-focused solutions whenever you need.

Film for General Industrial Use

Polymer Science publishes information on our most popular films including matte black polyurethane film, black silicone rubber film with PET base film and black thermoplastic polyurethane. Our team is very responsive to inquiries. Our extensive experience will consider your entire manufacturing process, the requirements of your product and other information to assist you. 

Polymer Science offers polyurethane film as a general product. Our polyurethane films have many qualities that appeal to innovative companies. The key characteristic is high strength and resilience. Other characteristics include:

  • Excellent flexibility
  • High strength, resisting abrasions, tears and punctures
  • Resists harsh conditions including chemicals and high heat
  • Light blocking and UV resistant
  • Moisture, mildew and biogrowth resistant
  • Lightweight and thin
  • Economical 

Silicone rubber films have distinct qualities especially in high heat or extreme cold environments compared to polyurethane and other films. Generally, silicone rubber films do not offer the same tensile strength and wear as other materials. Other qualities include:

  • Temperature tolerance in extreme cold and heat
  • Dielectric strength  

Working with Polymer Science

Finding the best film for your goals requires experience and knowledge. Polymer Science works with companies of all sizes to understand the overall goals and requirements of your project. We work as an extension of your team by providing reliable research, design consultation and thorough answers. Our staff is highly responsive to all inquiries whether you need films or any other tapes, adhesives and coatings.

General Industrial Products

Polymer Science designs, engineers and manufactures many materials for general purpose uses. Many of our adhesives, films, foams, tapes and coatings are effective for sealing and structurally bonding. These products include release liners, transfer adhesives, double coated and singled coated PSA tapes, heat activated adhesives and non-adhesive materials. Many customers reach out to Polymer Science regarding materials from our P-DERM®, P-SHIELD® and P-THERM® product line. Our team works diligently to respond to all requests whether your interest directly relates to our catalog of products sheets or you need a customized solution.