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November 8, 2022
P-SHIELD® Conductive Adhesives
November 11, 2022

General Industrial Products from Polymer Science, Inc.

One challenge in designing, engineering and manufacturing products is finding reliable and experienced partners. For decades, Polymer Science has helped provide solutions for adhesives, tapes and coatings. From engineering delicate and pain-free skin contact materials to managing thermal conductivity in the harshest environments, Polymer Science materials make an impact in advanced battery, aerospace, consumer electronics, electric vehicles, medical and other highly specialized industries. Polymer Science offers many products for applications that are more generalized for many industries, manufacturing processes, product development and even repairs.

For a company to bring products to market, they require prompt support, sage guidance and accurate results. The talented staff at Polymer Science uses state-of-the-art equipment and emerging technology to find the best materials for our partners. Beyond customized solutions, Polymer Science offers release liners, films, transfer adhesives, double coated and single coated pressure sensitive adhesives and non-adhesive materials.

Types of Products Offered by Polymer Science, Inc.

Polymer Science works with companies of all sizes to fulfill their needs for tapes, adhesives and coatings. Our designers and engineers have great experience from our trademark products P-DERM® for skin contact, P-SHIELD® for EMI shielding & grounding and P-THERM® for thermal heat management. Many of our materials may be applied to your specific application. We also work with you to design customized solutions.


Polymer Science’s acrylic adhesives, rubber based and hybrid acrylic-rubber heat activated adhesive has wide-ranging benefits for many industries. Acrylic is extremely strong and pressure sensitive, and rubber allows the adhesive to flex. Heat-activated adhesives are easy to work with and may reduce defects during manufacturing.

Film Tapes

We apply our knowledge of film and adhesives to tapes. Within our single coated film tapes, we offer low tack acrylic adhesive on a polyester carrier and removable low tack acrylic adhesive on a polyester carrier. These flexible and strong materials are useful as carriers and release liners. Double coated film tapes include silicone pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA) and acrylic PSAs with polyester support. Our range of adhesives bond to high and low surface energy substrates. Whatever your application requires, Polymer Science has the ability to quickly provide an effective and economical tape.


Some of our business partners request films without adhesives. Polyurethane film, polyethylene film and silicone rubber film perform with challenging environments. Matte black polyurethane films resist light and other weather. Thermoplastic polyurethane film resists heat, chemicals and other hazards. Silicone rubber/polyester laminate is another popular film for general industrial uses.


Polymer Science offers non-conductive silicone foams that withstand UV exposure, damp environments and extreme temperature changes while remaining elastomeric. Our foams offer customers solutions for sealing, weatherproofing, vibration dampening and other possibilities.

Contacting Polymer Science

The priorities of your company demand attentive and eager partners. Polymer Science is very responsive to every inquiry. Polymer Science is a tapes, adhesives and coatings company built on thoughtful and deliberate engineering. Because many of our materials are made in the United States, we are capable of producing fast results no matter what you require.

General Industrial Products

Polymer Science designs, engineers and manufactures many materials for general purpose uses. Many of our adhesives, films, foams, tapes and coatings are effective for sealing and structurally bonding. These products include release liners, transfer adhesives, double coated and singled coated PSA tapes, heat-activated adhesives and non-adhesive materials. Many customers reach out to Polymer Science regarding materials from our P-DERM®, P-SHIELD® and P-THERM® product lines. Our team works diligently to respond to all requests whether your interest directly relates to our catalog of products sheets or you need a new customized solution.