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September 28, 2018
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October 24, 2018

Hydrogel Adhesives – Polymer Science, Inc.

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P-DERM® Hydrogel adhesives consist of a hydrophilic polymer matrix with a moderate to high water content which helps regulate fluid exchange from a wounds surface. 100% of our hydrogels are manufactured in the USA and display good adhesion and cooling properties. Polymer Science, Inc. Hydrogel Adhesives demonstrate the following properties: 

0.2mm – 2.0mm Thickness, Non-Conductive, Hypoallergenic, Atraumatic Removal Without Residue, Maintains Good Adhesion to Skin When Exposed to Perspiration, Highly Flexible and Conformable, Biocompatible, High Absorbing Properties, Wear Time Up to 7 Days

We are committed to working closely with you during the design phase of your product. We offer a variety of coating techniques and configurations. We have the ability to load additives into our hydrogel, as well as many other customization options such as: Additive Loading, Cosmeceuticals, Pharmaceuticals,  Antimicrobials,  Width, Thickness, Adhesion Levels, Construction Configurations

Polymer Science, Inc. Hydrogel Adhesives work well in applications such as: Device Fixation, Transdermal Drug Delivery, Wearables, Burn Care, Advanced Wound Care, Blister Prevention