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May 28, 2019
Silicone Gel Adhesives: Pattern Coating Technology
June 10, 2019

P-DERM® Hydrogel Adhesive Tapes: High Performance, Customizable Hydrogel Adhesives

Polymer Science's P-DERM® hydrogel adhesives consist of a non-conductive, hydrophilic, UV cured monomer system that provides an atraumatic skin contact adhesive for medical applications. The water-based system allows our hydrogel adhesives to provide cooling and hydration to skin, absorb and regulate fluids without losing adhesion, and be removed without pulling hair or damaging the skin.

We have the ability to customize the construction allowing variations in adhesion levels ranging from 250 g/in to over 1000 g/in and thicknesses ranging from 0.12mm up to 2mm. Our hydrogel adhesive tapes are available on a variety of support layers, from release liner films to permanent carriers like polyurethane films. P-DERM® hydrogels can be loaded with a variety of additives to create unique products, including but not limited to electrically conductive materials, antimicrobials, and wrinkle reducing patches.

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