Product Launch: PS-264X Series Thermal Gap Fillers
May 8, 2020
P-SHIELD® – EMC in the Automotive Industry
July 7, 2020

P-DERM® Medical Wearable Devices

The term medical device defines a large group of products which may or may not require adhesion directly to the skin. It might be a wearable medical device which offers anchorage for a device providing autonomous, non-invasive diagnostics such as monitoring over a prolonged period of time. It might be a skin adhesive which offers support to a joint, covering for a blister, protection of a primary dressing, the securement of instruments or hoses to the skin or an enclosure. It might be an adhesive which is used as part of the construction to bond layers of a molded device or supply anchorage to layers such as hook and loop products for device or accessory fixation.

Polymer Science offers a variety of adhesive chemistries which can perform the function of a skin contact adhesive or a device’s construction adhesive. Adhesive chemistries such as silicone gel adhesives, acrylic and hot melt pressure sensitive adhesives and hydrogels offer solutions as transfer adhesives, single face and double adhesive faced products, as well as trilaminate constructions to meet the challenging demands found in modern medical device applications.

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