P-DERM® Hydrogel Adhesive Tapes: High Performance, Customizable Hydrogel Adhesives
May 28, 2019
Enhancing Moisture Management in Adhesives
July 12, 2019

Silicone Gel Adhesives: Pattern Coating Technology

Silicone gel adhesives have been part of the medical device community for many years. Polymer Science P-DERM® silicone gel adhesives can be found in scar therapy, wound care, ostomy, in-vitro diagnostic and general fixation applications. Silicone gels are commonly provided as full adhesive coverage products or mechanically altered to provide selective coverage to aid in adhesion, increase breathability and allow for uninhibited flow of liquid across the adhesive interface. Polymer Science has commercialized the ability to zone coat silicone gel adhesives to provide selective placement of the adhesive on the substrate to which it is applied.

Pattern coating of silicone gels offer advantages over traditional full coverage applications. Functionality of the coated tape can be altered with the use of specific coated patterns. The pattern may allow for increased breathability without mechanical alteration of the adhesive layer. P-DERM® silicone gels applied selectively to zones on a film will allow adhesive to be applied in critical adhesion areas while leaving other areas silicone free for other purposes. Some patterns of adhesive will allow for the lateral movement of moisture and air during application.