EMI Overview

P-SHIELD® EMI Shielding and Grounding Materials

As electronics continue to get smaller, the power they pack does not. Polymer Science's P-SHIELD® EMI shielding and grounding materials are the perfect solution for today’s evolving electronic device market. We offer a wide range of options for all of your shielding and grounding needs.


P-SHIELD® Fabric Tapes

P-SHIELD® fabric tapes have thin profiles and durable elements, making them perfect solutions for today’s ever-shrinking electronics housing designs.

P-SHIELD® Film Tapes

P-SHIELD® film tapes are thin, flexible and durable while maintaining their highly conductive properties.

P-SHIELD® Foam Tapes

P-SHIELD® foam tapes materials are conformable and compressible. They are thin, lightweight materials with excellent EMI shielding and grounding properties.

P-SHIELD® Foil Tapes

P-SHIELD® foil tapes are made of aluminum and copper laminated with conductive acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive providing reliable EMI shielding and grounding solutions.

P-SHIELD® Conductive Transfer Adhesives

P-SHIELD® electrically conductive transfer adhesives offer effective bonding solutions for electronic device designs that require EMI shielding and grounding.


Markets Served


  • Consumer Electronics
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive Components
  • Electric Vehicle
  • Telecommunications
  • Consumer IoT
  • Business IoT