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P-DERM® Skin Contact Adhesives

P-DERM® skin contact adhesives are specially formulated for many different applications in the medical industry. Polymer Science manufactures silicone gel, hydrogel and acrylic adhesives, as well as skin contact pressure sensitive adhesives.

P-THERM® Thermal Management Materials

P-THERM® Thermal Interface Materials are designed to efficiently and effectively aid in the conduction of heat in today's electronic designs. We offer thermal gap fillers, heat spreaders, phase change materials, electronic control interface materials and conductive tapes and adhesives.

P-SHIELD® EMI Shielding and Grounding

P-SHIELD® EMI shielding materials are used to provide an electrically conductive seal for electronic device openings and housing covers to prevent or restrict electromagnetic interference. We offer fabric tapes, film tapes, foil tapes, foam tapes, conductive adhesives and electromagnetic wave absorbers.

General Industrial

Polymer Science manufactures several coated products used throughout many industries and applications, such as release liners, films, transfer adhesives, double and single coated pressure sensitive adhesives.


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Shielding and Grounding Materials from Polymer Science, Inc.

Polymer Science designs adhesives, tapes and coating solutions for companies of all sizes. Our electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding and grounding...
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