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November 17, 2022
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November 17, 2022

P-SHIELD® Conductive Fabrics from Polymer Science, Inc.

Business partners contact Polymer Science primarily for adhesives, tapes and coating solutions. We often receive inquiries for other materials including our electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding and grounding materials for other uses. Conductive fabrics without adhesives are used in many industries including aerospace, automotive, consumer electronics and electric vehicles. As gasket materials, the quality of our conductive textiles is prized. Whether you are developing a new product or need to enhance an existing design, Polymer Science works with companies of all sizes to find solutions. 

Conductive Fabrics without Adhesives

Our EMI shielding fabrics without adhesives are generally used to form air gaskets. Compared to fabric over foam, conductive fabric air gaskets provide lower compression force. Without adhesives, our fabrics are easy to handle and fully repositionable as gaskets. Conductive fabrics can be supplied as rolls to be die cut. Some business partners choose the quality of our conductive fabrics and utilize a different adhesive during their manufacturing process.


Unlike some other shielding materials, conductive fabrics are wrinkle-free and non-abrasive to other surfaces. The most popular application is as air gaskets, also referred to as air loops. As air gaskets, conductive fabric contours to the shape of housings and conforms to components. Lightweight fabrics are exceptionally easy to handle and repositionable, simplifying the manufacturing processes. Conductive textiles offer a corrosion-free barrier within electronic components and provide good conductivity in the X, Y and Z axes. Effective across a wide frequency range, our fabrics include Electrically Conductive Woven Fabric, Ripstop Fabric and Gold Plated Electrically Conductive Woven Fabric. 

Whatever your design requires, Polymer Science provides responsive, customer-focused solutions. Beyond shielding, fabrics provide some insulation and static dissipation properties. Fabrics may assist in shock absorption and help in light blocking within sensitive housings. Our staff is very responsive to inquiries and helps our clients identify the best fabric to suit their application and manufacturing process.

Working with Polymer Science

Wherever there is a need to control electromagnetic interference, Polymer Science helps design a solution. P-SHIELD® products are manufactured in the USA which provides our customers nimble and effective results. Our dedication to improvement and adaptation helps companies on the cutting edge of technology. Whether you have the exact specifications of your materials or need assistance researching and developing a shielding and grounding material, our staff is eager to help. 

P-SHIELD® EMI Shielding and Grounding Materials

Polymer Science’s product line of P-SHIELD® electromagnetic shielding and grounding materials helps companies innovate electronics in electric vehicles (EV), smartphones, aerospace, consumer electronics and all other designs where EMI is an issue. P-SHIELD® materials include a range of durable materials including fabric tapes, film tapes, foil tapes, foam tapes and adhesives. As new compact designs emerge, Polymer Science’s team provides customizable solutions for even the smallest housings. Our team innovates solutions to meet new designs including custom gap fills, shock absorption and durability in harsh conditions. Wherever there is a need for performance, Polymer Science provides a solution.