P-SHIELD® Conductive Fabrics from Polymer Science, Inc.
November 17, 2022
Shielding and Grounding Materials from Polymer Science, Inc.
November 17, 2022

P-SHIELD® Conductive Foams from Polymer Science, Inc.

Conductive foam without adhesive benefits a number of industries and applications. Polymer Science has engineered and designed adhesives, tapes and coating for decades. Our electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding and grounding materials are utilized by companies of all sizes in industries including aerospace, automotive, consumer electronics, electric vehicles and more. When you need a conductive foam or any other EMI shielding and grounding material, contact Polymer Science. 

Conductive Foam without Adhesives

P-SHIELD® conductive foam is prized as a lightweight gap filler within housings. Foam is economical and durable. Within housing, foam is easily compressible and conformable to irregular surfaces without damaging delicate components. Foam offers a level of protection against environmental hazards especially as a shock-absorbing material. Our experienced team can work quickly to identify the solution to suit your requirements.


Most elastomers – including silicones, polyurethanes and polyolefin – are natural insulators. Polymer Science improves the conductivity of these materials with copper foil laminating. The characteristics of low compression and high conductivity in the X, Y and Z axes benefit consumer electronics with limited space for EMI shielding and grounding materials. P-SHIELD® conductive foams are robust, durable and ideal for converting in many industries including electric vehicles (EV), smartphones, tablets, wearable devices, smart appliances, tablets and more. Without adhesives, conductive foams simplify handling during manufacturing. With a wide range of compression force profiles ranging from soft to more rigid, our foams compress to fill gaps between delicate components and device housings. When you contact Polymer Science, our team responds quickly to identify and deliver the right product

Working with Polymer Science

As a multipurpose material, P-SHIELD® conductive foams help control electromagnetic interference while protecting devices. Polymer Shield products are manufactured in the USA, affording our business partners customizable and prompt materials whenever they need. When you are in need of conductive foam or any other materials, our staff is eager to provide consultation, answer questions and provide samples. 

P-SHIELD® EMI Shielding and Grounding Materials

Polymer Science’s product line of P-SHIELD® electromagnetic shielding and grounding materials helps companies innovate electronics in electric vehicles (EV), smartphones, aerospace, consumer electronics and all other designs where EMI is an issue. P-SHIELD® materials include a range of durable materials including fabric tapes, film tapes, foil tapes, foam tapes and adhesives. As new compact designs emerge, Polymer Science’s team provides customizable solutions for even the smallest housings. Our team innovates solutions to meet new designs including custom gap fills, shock absorption and durability in harsh conditions. Wherever there is a need for performance, Polymer Science provides a solution.