Enhancing Aerospace Sealing and Gasketing with Silicone Foam

The aerospace industry is constantly evolving and adapting. As demand rises, the next generation of aircraft must meet increased requests  for sustainability. As a direct result of design and engineering improvements, the aerospace industry consistently becomes more efficient and safer. Every material used in an aircraft must perform to the highest standards of performance and safety.

At Polymer Science, we are driven by innovation, customer-focused solutions and an unwavering commitment to the highest quality materials. Our silicone foams include a range of options proven to suit the aerospace industry.

We work directly with engineers, Tier 1 suppliers, and OEMs to provide silicone foam gasketing and sealing materials to meet and exceed the demands of the industry.

Aerospace Environment

Innovations throughout the aerospace industry represent great leaps forward for sustainability. Technology including advanced lightweight composites and jet engine designs are increasing fuel efficiency and performance of aircraft. Low-carbon sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) is one example of how quickly aerospace technology adapts.

Beyond improving emissions throughout the industry, aerospace faces the challenge of projected growth. Rising demand for maximized service life complicates the challenges for suppliers and manufacturers throughout the industry.

Working with innovative suppliers and using high-quality materials will help manufacturers reduce carbon emissions and build a better global fleet. The ability to adapt and evolve distinguishes the aerospace industry from other transportation industries.

Benefits of Silicone Foam

Design engineers are certain to find advantages even in the most lightweight materials.  Sealing solutions are essential in aerospace to ensure safety, performance, and durability. At Polymer Science, our team works with the aerospace industry to create high-quality sealing and gasketing silicone foam.

Silicone foam provides a highly versatile solution for sealing on windows, doors, compartments, radar domes, lighting and other components. The key benefit of silicone foam sealing is performing through adverse environmental conditions associated with aerospace including rapid changes in pressure, extreme temperature ranges, exposure to chemicals, moisture, UV and other weather factors.

The dynamic properties of silicone foams are also an excellent material of choice for gasketing. Absorbing shock and vibration dampening in aerospace components is paramount. As technological advances integrate more computers into aircraft, protecting sensitive components is key to safety and comfort.

Key Features of Silicone Foam for Aerospace

Compression Set

Low-compression sets of silicone foams offer consistent performance in situations where alternatives like polyurethane and other rubber-based options may not be suitable. The resilience of silicone foam suits the demands of aerospace applications.

Vibration Dampening

As a gasketing material, silicone foam has lower density and is more thermally conductive than similar silicone sponge material. The solid skin surface on each side resists water and with soft and firm options silicone foams provide shock absorption and vibration dampening.


Polymer Science develops silicone foams to perform in the most demanding environments. Aerospace presents many harsh extremes including exposure to aggressive chemicals, high temperatures, high and low pressures, and severe weather conditions.

Silicone foams provide long-term durability to ensure the safety and service life of aerospace components. Unlike organic bases such as polyurethanes, silicone foams will not decompose into toxic gasses. Silicone foams remain highly elastic and abrasion resistant over extended periods.

Polymer Science Advantages

Success in the aerospace industry relies on innovation. Polymer Science offers decades of experience working with industry leaders to engineer, design, and formulate silicone foams.

When you contact Polymer Science, our team provides insight into our new products in both soft and firm silicone foams. The quality of our products is backed by our talented team.

Our experience helps you quickly identify the best sealing and gasketing materials to suit your needs. Whether you need readily available silicone foam with a short lead time or you are in the first stages of design, Polymer Science is eager to help you. We can quickly supply a wide range of materials or provide samples and develop a custom solution for you.