Non-adhesive Films for Medical Applications
November 14, 2022
General Industrial Films from Polymer Science, Inc.
November 17, 2022

Double Coated Film Tapes from Polymer Science, Inc.

Polymer Science offers many products for general industrial uses including double coated film tapes. While we are best known for adhesives, tapes and coating solutions for specialized applications, companies of all sizes require double coated films for a wide range of general applications during manufacturing, assembly and use of materials. Our adhesive products are far broader than these industries and span many general purpose applications. When you need general purpose tapes, adhesives, foams and films, Polymer Science provides responsive and client-focused solutions.. 

Double Coated Film Tapes

Double coated tape is sometimes called double faced tape or double sided tape. This tape applies an adhesive layer to each side of a carrier substrate. Polymer offers two tapes: double coated acrylic on polyester support and silicone pressure sensitive adhesive with acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive on polyester support. Like our single coated film tapes, Polymer Science double coated film tapes suit a wide range of applications. Pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) may be applied by hand or automated during manufacturing.

When you contact Polymer Science, our staff provides clear and customizable solutions for your application. For instance, when choosing between adhesives, silicone generally is more stable at extreme temperature ranges and resists weather compared to other adhesives. The primary benefit of acrylic adhesives is high adhesion and durable bond strength. When considering PSAs, three qualities are key: tack, peel and shear. Tack refers to how quickly a bond is formed between the adhesive and substrate. Peel describes the resistance of the adhesive to a 90 degree or 190 degree peel from the surface. Shear is how resistant the adhesive is to shear stresses at 0 degree peel angle. Our current product catalog includes double coated tapes with polyester support. Polyester resists tearing, tolerates temperatures and resists stress including UV light and chemicals. 

Working With Polymer Science

Identifying the best solution requires experience and a complete understanding of the requirements of your application, manufacturing process and other considerations. Polymer Science can help find the tapes, adhesives and coatings best suited to your business. Whatever your needs and wherever you are in the design and manufacturing process, our talented team provides resources and solutions.

General Industrial Products

Polymer Science designs, engineers and manufactures many materials for general purpose uses. Many of our adhesives, films, foams, tapes and coatings are effective for sealing and structurally bonding. These products include release liners, transfer adhesives, double coated and singled coated PSA tapes, heat activated adhesives and non-adhesive materials. Many customers reach out to Polymer Science regarding materials from our P-DERM®, P-SHIELD® and P-THERM® product line. Our team works diligently to respond to all requests whether your interest directly relates to our catalog of products sheets or you need a customized solution.