NEW PRODUCT: P-DERM® PS-2246 High Water Content Hydrogel Adhesive

This year at MD&M West 2021, we highlighted our new high water content hydrogel adhesive! P-DERM® PS-2246 is our high water content hydrogel adhesive formulation that is a 50% by weight water adhesive material used for medical devices.  The added water allows PS-2246 to be softer to the touch, more pliable, and gentler on the skin than the standard hydrogels. PS-2246 is cooling and moisturizing while in contact with the skin making it ideal for sensitive skin and delicate areas as removal of the adhesive is completely atraumatic.
PS-2246 was designed for uses in the burn and blister care markets, as well as for uses with neonatal and elderly patients where the skin may be at a higher risk for an adhesive related injury.

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