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November 11, 2022
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Non-adhesive Films for Medical Applications

Polymer Science, Inc. provides non-adhesive films for skin contact. Our P-DERM® non-adhesive films have a wide range of applications throughout the medical industry. Polymer Science films include silicone elastomer on removable polyester or polycarbonate, polyethylene and polyether polyurethane on a removable paper carrier. Polymer Science helps companies innovate with a focus on tapes, adhesives and coatings. We work with our business partners to formulate the best solution for your needs. Our engineering and design staff offer responsive support and swift fulfillment of our “made in the USA” P-DERM® skin contact products.

P-DERM® Non-adhesive Films

Generally, medical films feature three key characteristics for wounds, burns and other skin contact: barrier dressing, patient comfort and moisture management. Films provide waterproofness as well as a barrier to viruses and bacteria. Biocompatible materials contour to wounds and remain flexible with movement. Non-adhesive films are repositionable, remove painlessly and provide durability for extended wear applications. Finally, films offer excellent exchange of moisture vapor and oxygen so healing skin functions normally. Polymer Science offers a wide range of non-adhesive films for medical applications.

Polyether Polyurethane on Removable Paper Carrier

As a medical dressing, polyether polyurethane film protects skin from viruses, bacteria and controls the amount of moisture between the film and the skin. Polyether polyurethane has high elasticity and recovery. This material gently conforms to skin and is durable. Polymer Science offers three common thicknesses: 0.03mm, 0.05mm and .010mm 80A durometer polyether polyurethane on removable paper carrier. 

Silicone Elastomer on Removable Polyester Carrier

These films are breathable and atraumatic. Silicone Elastomer film is durable against a range of heat, remaining elastic and flexible for wound dressings. Biocompatible silicone film is permeable to gas and water vapor to promote healing. Polymer Science has a wide variety of thicknesses and hardnesses that are available on a number of carriers. 

Contacting Polymer Science

Polymer Science provides responsive support to all of our partners. We help medical companies whether they are in the concept phase or seeking a better speed to market for their products. As a roll-to-roll supplier, we deliver results to our customers. We work with companies of all sizes to improve adhesives, tapes and coatings issues. If you need medical films, contact our team to learn how Polymer Science can fulfill your needs.

P-DERM® Skin Contact Materials

Polymer Science’s P-DERM® product line includes skin-contact and medical-grade products offering a range of characteristics designed to meet the requirements of today’s medical industry. Our P-DERM® product line includes acrylics, medical-grade adhesives, non-adhesive films and Polymer Science’s innovative atraumatic, pain-free removal silicone gel and hydrogel adhesives. All P-DERM® skin-contact adhesives are made in the USA, allowing our business partners effective and nimble solutions to suit their needs.