Industrial Overview

General Industrial Materials

Polymer Science manufactures coated products used throughout many industries and applications such as release liners, films, transfer adhesives, double and single coated pressure sensitive adhesives.


Tapes and Adhesives

Single Coated Tapes

Pressure sensitive adhesive tapes consisting of a polyester carrier and acrylic adhesive coated to one side. Tapes are either self-wound or have a siliconized release liner.
  • Low tack options – easily removed without residue
  • High tack options – good adhesion to a variety of substrates
  • Thin profiles
  • Black coated material available

  • Double Coated Tapes

    High tack acrylic PSA coated to both sides of a carrier protected by a siliconized release liner.
  • High tack – good adhesion to substrates with low surface energy
  • Easy to handle and excellent for converting
  • Differential adhesive available

  • Transfer Adhesives

    Pressure sensitive adhesive coated to a liner without a carrier. The pressure sensitive adhesive can be transferred to another substrate. Without the stability of the carrier, transfer adhesives are flexible and stretch.
  • Optically clear options available
  • Varying thicknesses
  • Varying levels of adhesion

  • Foil Tapes

    High performance acrylic adhesive coated to thin aluminum foil.


    Polymer Science, Inc. supplies a range of film materials for use across many industries. Polymer Science films are supplied in roll form and can be laminated with adhesive. They are easy to handle and converter friendly. Our general industrial films posses the following characteristics:
  • Polyester film is durable with good dielectric strength
  • Polycarbonate film has matte finish on one side, velvet finish on the other
  • Polyurethane film is available in cast or blown, clear or color options
  • Nonwoven Polyurethane
  • Thin profiles
  • Fabrics and Filters


    Polymer Science offers soft luxurious fabrics that can be die-cut and laminated for an infinite number of applications.
  • Ultrasuede Fabric
  • Woven Polyester Blend

  • Filter Materials

    Polymer Science advanced filter materials are ideal for applications that require filtration, venting and sealing of specific elements like dust, dirt and moisture. Materials include:
  • ePTFE Membrane

    Markets and Applications


  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Venting
  • Filtration
  • Sealing
  • Structural Bonding