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April 30, 2019
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PS-2400 Series Medical Grade Adhesive Tapes

Skin Contact Medical Grade Adhesive Tape

Medical Grade Adhesives: P-DERM® PS-2400 Series Adhesives

Polymer Science’s P-DERM® PS-2400 series of medical grade adhesive tapes utilize a thermoplastic polymer hot melt adhesive coated onto a siliconized release liner. These adhesives can be coated either as a free film or laminated onto a variety of carriers such as polyester, polyethylene and polyurethane films and nonwoven polyester and polyurethane films. Our PS-2400 series materials are ideal for medical applications and pass ISO 10933 for skin irritation and cytotoxicity.
P-DERM® PS-2400 series adhesives are available from 25 gsm to 250 gsm and can be coated in widths ranging from 9” to 27”. This adhesive has a high adhesion level ranging from 20 – 38N/in. Our PS-2400 series materials release cleanly and maintain good cohesive strength at low coat weights, while displaying higher adhesion at heavier coat weights.
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