Selecting Low Tack Tape for Die Cutting in Industrial Manufacturing

From the simplest industrial manufacturing process to the highly complex and compact designs, precision and streamlined efficiencies are paramount to a successful project. Die cutting provides precision and performance to manufacturing – cutting raw materials with exacting specifications. When combined with the right adhesives and tapes, converting processes achieve another level of excellence.

At Polymer Science, our team of engineers and designers work across a wide range of industries from highly specialized tapes for skin contact, thermal interface materials, and EMI shielding & grounding. Many manufacturers and suppliers consult with us regarding the ideal manufacturing aids for die cutting.

In this article, we delve into the realm of low tack tape, exploring its pivotal role in die cutting operations, and offering insights on how to select the ideal tape to optimize your industrial needs.

Understanding Low Tack Tape

Low tack tape, also known as low adhesion tape, is characterized by its gentle, easily removable adhesive properties. Unlike regular adhesive tapes that can leave residue and damage surfaces upon removal, low tack tapes offer a temporary and secure hold without compromising the material’s integrity.

These tapes are engineered to have minimal adhesive strength, making them ideal for applications where you need to secure materials during manufacturing without the risk of damage.

In the realm of die cutting, where precision is paramount, low tack tape serves as a versatile and invaluable ally. Its primary function is to act as a carrier tape for materials during the die cutting process. By securely holding the material in place on the cutting surface, it prevents shifting, misalignment, or material damage that can occur during cutting. This ensures that each cut is precise and consistent, even with the most delicate and fragile materials.

Advantages of Using Low Tack Tapes for Die Cutting

A number of Polymer Science’s low tack acrylic adhesives tapes are excellent as manufacturing aides in die cutting, including PS-0218 and PS020501. These self-wound low tack acrylic adhesive tapes use a polyester facestock. A third popular low tack tape is PS-020503 which is a single coated self-wound low tack acrylic adhesive tape with a polyester carrier.

When considering die cutting processes there are multiple advantages when considering low tack adhesive:

Protection of Delicate Materials

Low tack tapes provide a secure grip but are easily removed, preventing any surface damage or tearing during cutting. Tapes can also protect die cut materials throughout the manufacturing process from external dust, debris and other contaminants. Fragile materials such as fabrics, foams, foils, and films are particularly well-suited for low tack carrier tapes.

Enhanced Precision

By eliminating material slippage or movement during cutting, low tack tapes enhance precision, resulting in accurate, high-quality finished products. Even intricate and complex designs are achievable with minimal waste.


Despite its clean removal and ability to be repositioned, low tack tape still holds securely. Once applied, your materials stay in place during the die cutting process and throughout the manufacturing process.

Easy Removal and Residue-Free

Low tack tapes are designed for easy removal without leaving adhesive residue or damaging the material. Polymer Science low tack adhesive is solvent-free.This ensures that the final product remains clean from unsightly marks or contamination.

Reduced Waste

When low tack tapes are used to hold materials temporarily, post-process waste can be easily segregated. Our acrylic adhesive adheres well to a variety of substrates, so there’s less need for manufacturers to stock multiple types of tapes for different materials. This can lead to better inventory management and reduced waste.

Selecting the Right Low Tack Tape

Selecting the ideal material is not as simple as finding a removable adhesive. Choosing the right low tack tape for your die cutting needs requires careful consideration. Our talented sales and support team works with you to find the best low tack die cut adhesive tape for your exact needs.

A number of considerations include:

What Is The Project?

Defining your application helps to identify the material type, tack level, width and dimensions. There are additional questions about your manufacturing process including application, considerations of tolerances, and in some cases quality standards.

Generally, selecting the right tape begins with these questions:

Material Compatibility

Different substrates and manufacturing processes may require tapes with specific adhesive properties to ensure a secure yet gentle hold. Consider the material’s surface texture and sensitivity when selecting the tape.

Tack Level

Low tack tapes come in various tack levels, so choose one that aligns with the degree of adhesion required for your application. Balance between secure hold and easy removal is key to efficiency.

Width and Dimensions

As a roll to roll supplier, Polymer Science has the capability to ensure that the tape’s width and dimensions match your material size and die cutting machinery. Proper sizing also avoids wastage.


Tape must withstand the rigors of the manufacturing process without tearing, stretching, or wearing out. Temperature resistance during your manufacturing process should also be considered. The wrong tape can create delays in production and ultimately the commercialization of products.

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Not only does it make the manufacturing process simpler and more efficient, but it also ensures your products come out looking their absolute best.

For more information on low tack tapes and their applications in industrial manufacturing, contact us today. Our team of experts is ready to assist you in selecting the ideal low tack tape for your specific needs.