Thermal Overview

P-THERM® Thermal Management Materials

P-THERM® thermal management materials are designed to efficiently and effectively aid in the conduction of heat to meet the growing thermal management requirements of today’s smaller electronic designs. Our diverse offering of materials provide solutions to many bonding applications that increase reliability and decrease production costs.


P-THERM® Gap Fillers

P-THERM® gap filler materials have been designed to achieve desired heat management properties to keep components at optimized operating temperatures in today’s advanced electronics designs.

P-THERM® Phase Change Materials

P-THERM® thermally conductive phase change materials perform like thermal grease with the convenience of a thermal pad.

P-THERM® Heat Spreaders

Proper heat dissipation is critical in today’s compact electronic devices. P-THERM® heat spreaders allow for quick dissipation of heat in the x-y direction.

P-THERM® Tapes and Adhesives

All P-THERM® tapes and adhesives offer reliable adhesion and conductive properties across a wide temperature range.

P-THERM® Electronic Control Interface Materials

P-THERM® ECIs offer good dielectric and thermally conductive properties without the worry of flow from wax-based products or mess associated with thermal grease.


Markets Served


  • Consumer Electronics
  • Lighting
  • Automotive
  • Marine
  • Electric Vehicle
  • Solar Energy