Fabric Tapes

P-SHIELD® Fabric Tapes


P-SHIELD® fabric tapes have thin, lightweight profiles and durable elements, making them perfect solutions for today’s ever-shrinking electronics housing designs. P-SHIELD® fabric tapes are offered in a wide range of adhesive profiles and thicknesses and can be customized for your specific application requirements.


Characteristics of P-SHIELD® Fabric Tapes

  • Conductive Copper Nickel Plated Fabrics
  • Fabrics Include Woven, Non-Woven and Durable Ripstop
  • Heat Activated Adhesive Options Available
  • Materials Effectively Shield Over a Wide Frequency Range
  • Fabrics are Laminated with Conductive Acrylic Pressure Sensitive Adhesive
  • Ultra-Thin Strong Materials are Flexible and Contour Around Tight Angles and Irregular Surfaces

    P-SHIELD® Fabric Tapes Technical Data Sheets