What Materials Are Used in EMI Shielding Tape?

The Evolving Necessity of EMI Shielding

Filtering, grounding, and shielding are three methods of controlling electromagnetic interference. The interruption caused by external sources affects electronic devices resulting in disruptions, signal degradation, or even data loss. As the complexity and sophistication of electronic designs increase, so does the potential for interference.

Polymer Science designs and engineers a wide range of EMI shielding materials including fabrics, foams, foils, adhesives, and conductive silicones. Choosing the ideal EMI shielding material requires careful planning. The primary consideration is, of course, properly shielding. With Polymer Science’s P-SHIELD® EMI shielding tape, designers and engineers gain additional features and advantages. EMI shielding tapes, specifically designed to shield equipment wires and components, play a pivotal role in the optimal performance of electronic devices, and manufacturing processes, and may even enhance the longevity of a device.

From smartphones to aerospace and all electronics in between – the importance of EMI shielding has never been greater.

Why EMI Shielding Tape is an Ideal Choice

As designs become more compact, EMI problems become more complex. While EMI shielding gaskets like conductive fabric air loops, EMI shielding foam, and EMI shielding film suit particular applications, EMI shielding tapes can be easily applied to secure mated surfaces. This is beneficial both during the manufacturing process and across the long-term life of electronic components and devices.

With a wide range of substrates and both pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSA) and heat-activated adhesives, EMI shielding tape is not just another adhesive, though. Beyond preventing disruptions and ensuring the smooth operation of devices, EMI shielding tape can provide protection of sensitive materials such as vibration dampening, light blocking, resisting corrosion, and more.

With the global shift towards a more connected world, through IoT (Internet of Things) devices and smart systems, Polymer Science helps manufacturers, designers, and suppliers push the boundaries of what’s possible with technology. The increasing reliance on wireless devices and interconnected systems in sectors like communication, healthcare, and transportation emphasizes the need for durable and flexible EMI shielding materials.

The ability to customize EMI shielding tapes with a range of materials and adhesives suits many applications including:

  • Consumer Electronics: Mobile examples like smartphones, tablets, and laptops, increasingly compact housings tapes shield internal components from cross-talk and can protect sensitive components.
  • Medical Industry: Ensuring precise readings by blocking external interference is key in MRI machines and medical monitoring equipment.
  • Automotive: Manufacturers are designing for a more sustainable future. Electric vehicles and hybrids and devices within the cabins like infotainment systems benefit from versatile EMI shielding materials and tapes.
  • Aerospace: Safeguarding communication integrity in high-altitude environments is essential for aircraft and satellite functionality and safety.
  • Defense & Military: Across vast rugged environments, military radios and weapons systems need durable materials to manage electromagnetic interference.
  • Data Centers: In servers, storage devices, and other devices, high-quality tapes, adhesives, and coatings guarantee data integrity by preventing electronic interference.
  • Home Appliances: Devices like smart refrigerators, washing machines, and more smart devices are becoming commonplace. Materials including EMI shielding tapes secure operations of internal components.

Wherever there are electrical components, EMI shielding products are required. From scientific instruments and manufacturing to consumer entertainment systems and smartwatches, partnering with experienced suppliers like Polymer Science early in the design and planning phase matches the best materials and optimizes outcomes.

Materials Used in EMI Shielding Tapes

Whether designing for the simplest cable shielding or complete protection for complex devices, understanding the best EMI shielding tapes starts with the material. At Polymer Science, our experienced and helpful team brings extensive experience to every project. P-SHIELD® Shielding & Grounding tapes include:

Foil Tapes

When delving into EMI shielding tapes, copper and aluminum are foundational materials. At the very heart of effective EMI shielding, these metals excel due to their exceptional electrical conductivity properties. Their malleability allows them to be formed into ultra-thin foils without compromising strength, making them an ideal choice for shielding tape.

Beyond their base characteristics, these metals’ adaptability and efficiency in interference prevention are excellent. A standout in this category is P-SHIELD® foil tapes with conductive pressure-sensitive adhesives. Specifically engineered by Polymer Science, these tapes are tailored to meet the demands of modern electronics. Their specifications are meticulously crafted, providing an edge in ensuring that electronic components remain free from electromagnetic interference.

Fabric Tapes

Known for their inherent flexibility and adaptability, fabric tapes are designed for dynamic applications where traditional tapes might falter. Their composition allows them to be both durable and adaptable, a key advantage in many designs.

Electrically conductive fabrics are offered in woven, ripstop, and nonwoven materials. Durable and conformable to irregular surfaces, fabric tapes aid with EMI problems and other concerns such as protecting sensitive electronics. Available with pressure-sensitive acrylic or heat-sensitive adhesive, P-SHIELD® fabric tapes seamlessly fit into any phase of the manufacturing process.

Film Tapes

Film tapes stand out for their thinness, flexibility, and ability to dissipate static. Such features make them an invaluable asset in diverse applications, ranging from touchscreens to next-gen wireless charging solutions and EV stations.

P-SHIELD® film tape’s lightweight structure combined with their robust EMI shielding capabilities means they can be seamlessly integrated into devices without adding bulk, ensuring device aesthetics and functionality remain uncompromised.

Foam Tapes

P-SHIELD® foam tapes are not only exceptionally lightweight but also designed as sturdy and long-lasting materials. Polymer Science provides various options including polyurethane and polyolefin foam paired with foil cores or conductive acrylic pressure-sensitive acrylic. EMI shielding foam tapes offer excellent low compression and high electrical conductivity in the X, Y, and Z axes. This foam tape finds its utility across a spectrum of applications, from electric vehicles with sensitive electronics to smart appliances and high-end electronics requiring top-tier EMI shielding.

Informed Decision Making: Choosing the Right EMI Shielding Material

Choosing the right EMI shielding material is no small feat. It requires an intricate balance, considering factors such as frequency range, environmental resilience, and the specific requirements of the application. While high-frequency devices might necessitate materials with rapid response, those deployed in harsh environments might prioritize durability.

Working with Polymer Science helps you strike the ideal balance: achieving top-notch performance and suiting the environment without breaking the bank.

In the rapidly evolving world of technology, static solutions are simply insufficient. Every leap in tech advancement brings with it new challenges and necessities, particularly in the realm of EMI shielding. To stay ahead, the materials and methods used for shielding need to adapt and evolve in tandem with these advancements.

At the heart of this continuous evolution stands Polymer Science. Our commitment to research, innovation, and the relentless pursuit of excellence ensures that we’re not just keeping pace with technological evolution but often setting the pace ourselves.

Our collaborative approach to partnerships positions Polymer Science as more than just a provider of EMI shielding tapes. We are a partner eager to develop tailored solutions that resonate with your specific requirements.

Ready to elevate your EMI shielding game? Contact Polymer Science and dive deeper into what we offer, and let’s carve out the future together.