Hydrogel Patch - Edited

P-DERM® Silicone Gel Adhesives


Our P-DERM® silicone gel adhesives offer a gentle, yet effective adhesion and naturally conform to the contours of the body. We offer silicone gel adhesives that can be repositioned and offer atraumatic, pain free removal, as well as, higher adhesion silicone gel adhesives that are suitable for long term wear applications. P-DERM® silicone gel adhesives are waterproof, hypoallergenic, resistant to bacteria and are made in the USA.


Characteristics of P-DERM® Silicone Gel Adhesives

  • Biocompatibility with the Skin
  • Atraumatic Removal from the Skin
  • Extended Wear Time Options Available
  • Repositionable / Multi-Use Properties
  • Waterproof (Hydrophobic)
  • Resistance to Bacteria Growth
  • Low and High Adhesion Options Available
  • Multi-Layer & Trilaminate Coating Options
  • Excellent Converting Properties

    P-DERM® Silicone Gel Adhesive Technical Data Sheets

    The following data sheets are in listed in ascending order based upon their adhesion levels.